Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Illustrators in their Studios (Part 2)

Here is the second part of our feature in which we asked illustrator friends for photos of their studios. We've also added a few images we found on the web. See the preceding post for the previous installment.

Yuko Shimizu

Henri Matisse

Lou Beach

Melissa Sweet

David Hockney

Roger De Muth

Roger De Muth in his studio holding a tile from his series- "Artists & con-artists." The tile is a portrait of artist Pierre Auguste Renoir painted with a black slip and white underglaze on a red clay tile.

Roger made nearly 150 painted and glazed tiles during the six week class this summer at Syracuse University.

The picture below shows various portraits of "Artist's and con-artists" on a cart before the final glazing.

The studio cabinets and stained glass windows were all made by the artist. The cabinet on the left was designed to hold seeds for the garden.

Christopher Silas Neal

Rich Kelly

Giselle Potter

Eric Fowler

Mark Bischel

Rob Dunlavey

Scott Bakal

Rudy Gutierrez

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